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A Gentle Approach to a Radiant, Clear Complexion for All Skin Types.

Moxi® is one of the newest fractionated laser treatments for revitalizing skin. With reasonably quick in-office treatments and minimal downtime or discomfort, Moxi is a great option for reducing pigment and improving overall tone and texture. It’s also a solid option if you’re looking to correct the appearance of sun damage and aging. The technology of Moxi was created to provide effective skin revitalization with everyone in mind. This revolutionary, noninvasive laser resurfacing treatment offers versatility in addressing a myriad of skin concerns through less aggressive measures than other lasers on the market.

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How does Moxi work?

The Moxi device delivers laser energy (in a fractionated 1927 nm wavelength) to revitalize your skin and correct the signs of sun damage, aging, and pigmentation. During treatment, the Moxi laser is glided across the skin by a highly trained technician. You’ll likely feel a slight warming sensation, which means the laser is doing its job. Moxi creates micro-coagulation zones in the skin, which the body repairs naturally by replacing damaged cells with more healthy, vibrant skin.

What can Moxi treat?

Moxi can be used to improve several common skin conditions, such as:

  • Melasma and other pigmentation issues
  • Wrinkles
  • Minor skin laxity
  • Sun damage
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Rough or uneven texture

What can I expect during treatment with Moxi?

Moxi treatments can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the specific concern being addressed and the density of the skin being treated. We offer anesthetic cream or cooling air for optimal comfort.

Will I need any downtime after treatment with Moxi?

Most patients don’t feel the need for any downtime after their Moxi treatment. If it turns out that a more aggressive laser setting is needed to address your specific skin concerns, some minimal downtime may be needed. We’ll discuss those details at your consultation.

What are the results I can expect from Moxi treatments?

Your skin may appear red immediately after treatment, and, depending on the level of treatment, you may see small micro dots called “mendz” in the treatment area. As these heal, they will darken and feel rough. Between three and five days, the mendz will slough off to reveal renewed skin just underneath. A Moxi treatment can help your skin appear refreshed and revitalized after only one to two treatments. Furthermore, when combined with other laser treatments and proper post-care, Moxi can produce a gorgeous, youthful glow all year long.

How many Moxi treatments will I need for best results?

Though the exact number of treatments will depend on your individual goals and the level of correction needed to achieve them, most people benefit the greatest from a series of three to four treatments. Annual treatments are recommended after that to help maintain your results. During your initial consultation, we will be sure to discuss all the details and personalize a treatment plan just for you.

What’s my next step to radiant skin with Moxi in Northern Kentucky?

Moxi can offer a beautiful way to lighten, brighten, and refresh your skin in ways you’ll have to see to believe! Find out if this exciting treatment option may be your ticket to the rejuvenated skin you deserve! Call us at (859) 363-5394 or click here to book a consultation today!