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4 Benefits of Visiting a Northern Kentucky Med Spa

Going to a med spa in Northern Kentucky can help address many skin conditions, including acne, wrinkles, sagging skin, sun damage, varicose/spider veins, unwanted hair, and so much more. Setting up an appointment at Derm Aesthetics of Northern Kentucky is the first step in enjoying the many benefits med spas can offer. Continue reading to learn about four specific benefits of med spas available to the people of Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati Area.


1. Variety of Services

Perhaps the best part about med spas in Northern Kentucky is their list of services. You’ll have a wide range of treatment options to choose from to help you look and feel your best. Some of the more popular treatments include wrinkle reducers, chemical peels, HydraFacials, and dermal fillers.

Wrinkle Reducers

Repeated facial expressions, such as frowning, squinting, and raising your eyebrows cause your skin to crease and fold, eventually resulting in the formation of lasting facial lines and wrinkles.

Neurotoxins such as Botox® and Xeomin® can effectively smooth these lines and wrinkles and provide a more youthful, refreshed appearance by temporarily blocking certain muscle contractions for several months.

Periodic injections can also prevent new creasing from occurring, helping to stave off the unwanted effects of time on our skin.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are powerful skin exfoliants that a professional can apply to the face and neck region. It can remove the damaged layer of skin to shrink pores and reduce acne.

Chemical peels are also a popular treatment option for wrinkles as many solutions can dig deep to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Peels can even help smooth scarring and fade discoloration.

For the best results, it’s recommended to go in for a series of chemical peels. While there are over-the-counter chemical peel options, they typically aren’t nearly as effective as professional-grade peels. When not applied by a professional, they can do much more harm than good.


HydraFacials involve a relaxing treatment that removes dead skin cells from the face. From there, a professional will use a mixture of glycolic acid and salicylic acid to break up the dirt and oil clogging your pores. A special tip can then bs used to gently vacuum out impurities.

Getting a HydraFacial can help clear your complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and hydrate your skin. The main benefit of this treatment is that there are almost no side effects to contend with. You may experience some redness immediately following treatment, but that typically goes away rather quickly.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injections that can smooth out wrinkles and give the skin more volume. It can also help make a person’s facial features appear more symmetrical and plump up their lips.

Getting the injections in a med spa generally only takes about an hour and the results can be almost instant. Since fillers are non-surgical, the recovery time is most often minimal.

The results of dermal fillers aren’t permanent, but many patients go almost a year without needing another treatment…sometimes longer in some cases.


2. Professional Treatment

Med spas aim to provide a relaxing environment. Your treatment will be performed by someone who’s gone through extensive training to do it correctly. At Derm Aesthetics, Dr. Susan Bushelman is a board-certified dermatologist who oversees all treatments.

When you walk in, it will be like any other doctor’s appointment, but a bit more relaxing. Your first visit will be to discuss your medical history and treatment goals.

The staff will talk to you about the recovery process for your procedure. No avenue will go untouched to ensure your skin care goals are achieved.

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3. Younger-Looking Skin

Most of the treatments provided by a med spa involve skin care. These can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, broken capillaries, acne, and much more.

Not only will your skin feel better, but it will help boost your self-esteem as well.

4. Non-Invasive Treatments

Med spas offer a variety of non- to minimally invasive treatment options. Since you’re not going under a knife, there’s less risk of complications and infections.

You also won’t have to spend a lot of time recovering. In many cases, you can go back to your regular activities as soon your treatment is done.

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Going to a med spa in Northern Kentucky can allow you to achieve lasting skincare results with non- to minimally invasive treatment options. Derm Aesthetics proudly has the technology to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, acne, dark spots, and a multitude of other skin concerns robbing you of your confidence. We are one of the leading med spas in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Contact us to learn more about our many specialized services by calling (859) 363-5394.