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Emma Ray

LE, Medical Aesthetician

Emme Ray, LE, developed a passion for aesthetics at a young age…especially anything to do with good skin care. Now, as our Medical Aesthetician at Derm Aesthetics, she shares her sensational skin skills with her patients by way of multiple noninvasive treatment options. She certainly knows her way around our host of laser treatments, facials, chemical peels, microneedling, and so much more.

Though she always loved makeup and hair/skin care, it was Emma’s struggles with acne in high school that struck a major chord and would eventually lead her down a path to the career she enjoys today.

“When I was dealing with acne in my teens, I would constantly be in the kitchen making DIY masks with any ingredient I could find to help clear my skin,” she said. “The pursuit of clear skin led me to reading about different ingredients and products and watching videos about skin care. The feeling that I felt when my skin was finally clear is something I wanted to help everyone feel. So, I eventually decided to pursue that passion and see if I could make a career out of it.”

But first, Emma dipped her toe in another professional realm before her love of aesthetics came full circle. She earned her bachelor’s in psychology followed by working on her master’s degree in youth development. Emma began working for a low SES elementary school where she taught social skills, anger management, coping skills, socio-emotional intelligence, and other important life skills.

After four years in that role, however, the demands of the work eventually became too heavy and started to take a toll. So, Emma decided to take a leap of faith and revert to her true passion of helping people look and feel more confident. She went back to school, earned her aesthetics license, and proudly settled into her new, exciting career. Along the way of building more and more patient relationships, Emma credits her psychology background with helping her truly connect on a personal level.

“Every patient has a story, and I think that is where my psychology background takes over,” she explains. “I love to hear about what is going on in their personal lives and learn what makes them so unique. Of course, making my patients feel beautiful is so rewarding and something that I never take for granted, but my patients hold a special place in my heart. They become part of my life and my story as well.”

It’s often difficult to narrow down a favorite treatment as all have their own special value, but Emma continues to be in awe of the results produced by her top two picks – HALO® laser treatments and Botox®.

“I love that I am able to utilize HALO to give my patients the dramatic results they’re looking for,” she said. “It’s a beautiful laser that helps improve the appearance of sun damage and pore size, while also helping tighten and firm the skin and give that gorgeous ‘HALO glow.’ Botox is another favorite because it’s quick, easy, no downtime, and super effective.”

For Emma, Derm Aesthetics offers the perfect environment in which to flex her aesthetic muscles and work alongside a stellar team that shares a collective goal of helping improve patients’ lives.

“I love the value that we put on making every patient feel heard,” she said. “There is no ‘cookie cutter’ treatment plan. We truly listen to what our patients want and need and tailor their experience accordingly. It is a very customizable experience and I hope our patients feel that care that we take.”

Emma and her husband welcomed their baby boy in October 2023, so any spare time involves making memories and spending time together as a family, as well as lots of play dates with dear friends who have kids around the same age.